Are you tired of feeling tired, stressed and less than your best?

Are you ready for a jumpstart so that you can feel strong, not just physically, but mentally too?

I got you!


Brittany’s B.Strong 6 Week Body and Mind Transformation

Join me, 6x fitness Universe champion, former Miss United States, NASM certified personal trainer and holistic wellness coach on a journey to kickstart your wellness and embracing your whole self.


What is it? 

6 transformational weeks of loving yourself from the inside out.

3x a week circuit training with body weight and other light equipment

Small groups (5 or less) for more personal attention, accountability and sisterhood

Weekly holistic health workshops addressing 6 major areas of your health and wellness, and understand how they all work together for more vitality day to day.

  • Food – Nourish Now: Learn the four simple steps to eat for nourishment, natural weight loss and abundant energy  
  • Rest – Lights Out:  How to sleep like a baby and wake up energized everyday
  • Body – Embodied Living: Learn the Four Simple Steps to Feel Better in Your Body
  • Sun – Ignite Your Fire: How to increase your energy and Feel Better than Ever Before
  • Water – Juicy Living: How to go from dehydrated and stuck to flowing and glowing
  • Air – Changes and Challenges: How to navigate the ups and downs of life without losing your mind or your self


We kick off on Sunday, March 27th


You ready?  Let’s do this

B.Strong 6 Week Bootcamp


Kickstart your Mind & Body Transformation!

Program includes:

The Wellness 360 Essentials Starter Kit

The Wellness 360 Healthy Eating Guide

– The Wellness 360 Body Blueprint

– 6 Weeks of group circuit training, 3x per week (Mon / Tue / Thu @ 615pm)!

Taking care of yourself is self-less, not selfish.