Natural Therapeutic Solutions

I am a certified dōTERRA Essential Oil Specialist using natural supplementation and essential oils in my personal life and physical therapy practices for 4+ years.


During my 10+ years in the medical field I became more curious about natural solutions to medical problems in a pursuit to decrease side effects affecting mobility in my clients.


What started as a curiosity became a life style. However, shortly after I began using essential oils my son developed a knee condition. Because I have a long medical and scientific background the path of comfort was Western Medicine.


A gruesome 2.5 year long journey of knee braces, physical therapy, limited mobility, surgery and rehab commenced. Despite all of our Western interventions we couldn’t cure my son. My feeling of hopelessness discussing surgery #2 was real. No way could we go down this path again. I needed a solution.


Enter essential oils. It was time to try something different. We started to apply one oil blend to my son’s knee twice a day for 30 days. At our next visit with his children’s specialist he was declared healed!


This fueled a new passion for me. Learning more about how essential oils and natural supplementation can improve wellness in adults and children. There are additional means to Western medicine to lead a preventative, natural and healthy lifestyle. Thankfully, I get to share my knowledge with others and assist my clients in incorporating natural therapeutic solutions into their lives.


Do you have health challenges that you would like help to address with natural solutions? Can you list 3 off the top of your head?


If so you are in the right place. Click the link and get signed up for your free workshop today! Let’s start your journey toward natural health and wellbeing.