5 Common Myths on Exercise

5 Common myths about Exercise:

1. Exercise will make up for poor diet.

People think if they work twice as hard it makes up for eating foods loaded with sugar, fat & salt.
Wrong: Exercise only accounts for 20% of weight loss. 80% is eating right foods.

2. Running (and other cardio) is the best way to lose weight.

The truth is that doing 30 minutes or more of straight cardio is not as good for fat burning as doing a combo workout.
High intensity Interval Training is best and it takes less time. Mix in sprint intervals that get your heart pounding. No exercise program will be successful if you don’t enjoy it.
Get moving about 15 minutes a day. This is the answer that will be most sustainable.

3. Crunches give you a flat stomach

You might be relieved to hear that crunches and sit-ups are NOT my go to ab moves. You can still have strong abs hidden behind FAT. You must focus on losing fat from your entire body by eating clean or else your six pack will always be hidden.

4. Lifting weights will bulk you up.

Doing resistance training and lifting weights is a great way to change your body composition. Building more muscle will BURN MORE FAT and boost your weight loss. And no, it is not going to make you muscle bound.

5. The number on the scale is what is most important.

If you are exercising with the idea of watching the numbers go down on the scale, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Exercise builds lean muscle which can actually end up boosting your weight. Incorporate healing movements into your daily routines is crucial in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Now you know the truth behind these misconceptions you’re one step closer to succeeding with your fitness goals!

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