Nasty Hormone Called Leptin

Leptin is a hormone that is produced by our body’s fat cells. It is often referred to as the “satiety hormone” or the “starvation hormone.” Leptin regulates appetite and fat storage. Leptin’s primary target is the brain.
The more you eat processed food and refined sugar the more you will be hungry. Your leptin levels will increase causing you to keep the weight on. It’s called leptin resistance. Click the link below to find out 9 proven way to fix hormones that control your weight.

8 Ways to keep Your leptin Levels Regulated

1. Get enough fiber
2. Limit Fructose Consumption
3. Consume Complex carbohydrates
4. Eat protein for breakfast
5. Take Omega 3’s
6. Avoid Severe Calorie Restriction
7. Perform H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training)
8. Get more sleep

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