Taking Care of the Whole You

Are you taking care of the whole you?  Are you taking care of yourself spiritually?  Are you taking care of your relationships?  Are you happy in your career?  Do you have a purpose?  Do you have trouble with finances?  Are you frustrated that you cannot lose unwanted pounds?  If any of these questions, or others like them, apply to you, how does this affect the whole you?  Well, asking yourself these questions can and may cause you to be uncomfortable.  Why?  Because maybe in your current marriage or relationship you do not like the way you feel while in it; or maybe at your current job you lack the confidence to video yourself for a presentation because you do not like the way you look; or maybe you lack energy and feel too fatigued to run around with your kids or grandkids; and so on.  These self-perceptions and self-realizations can and may cause a life-imbalance, and a craving mindset, which, in turn, tends to cause you to fulfill yourself with unhealthy habits, such as overeating, and especially eating way too much sugary foods.

I have a tool and a challenge, the Wellness 360 Wheel and the Wellness 360 Challenge, that if used and accepted by you, can and may help you towards making worthwhile lasting changes that take care of the whole you, and lead you to living your very best life.  Both the tool and the challenge can be found elsewhere on my site.   An image of the wheel is directly below.

By using the Wellness 360 Wheel and accepting the Wellness 360 Challenge the 1st-time, as others have, you will reveal the areas of your life that are out of balance.  By using the Wellness 360 Wheel and accepting the Wellness 360 Challenge a 2nd and subsequent time at regular intervals, you will be able to keep yourself on track.

The Wheel and the Challenge breakdown the analysis of your life into 12-categories, 6 on an outer wheel and 6 on an inner wheel.  The inner wheel represents activities and things that affect you directly, such as the food you take in or the fresh air you breathe. The outer wheel consists of indirect things that affect your health and well-being, such as your relationships and your career.  While sometimes the impact that indirect things have on your health and well-being is subconscious, the indirect things on the outer wheel play just as important a role as the direct things on the inner wheel in creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle for you.

Get more information about my other services here at WellnessCoachDawn.com.   If you believe you will benefit from connecting with me, there is a contact form on this site.  Complete the form, send it to me, and then soon after, our connecting will be arranged!

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