The Art of Eating

Hi this is Wellness Coach Dawn.  Today’s topic is the “Art of Eating”.  I can hear many of you responding immediately to that by saying, “There is an art to eating?”  Yes, there is an art to eating.  The art of eating is about you being consciously aware of what your 5-senses are gathering in while you are eating.  There is a benefit from that behavior.  Generally, when you are consciously aware about what your 5-senses are gathering in while you are eating, the process of your eating is being done much more healthfully for you than when you are not aware.  You tend to actually see your food and smell it before placing it in your mouth, taste your food on your tongue, feel its texture, hear how it is broken down by your teeth, and chew 15 – 30 times before swallowing, allowing your teeth and saliva to properly breakdown the food for digestion.  When you do this, you both pleasurably connect with your food and digest well.  This brings happiness, and delivers energy.

Contrarily, the detriment of not connecting with your food and digesting poorly is that you deliver strife upon yourself, and your food gets stored as fat rather than used as energy for fueling your activities.  I am with you on life’s busyness, the excuse given for not eating properly a lot of the time.  Eating at work.  Eating when chauffeuring kids.  Eating when watching sports, eating when cooking and standing up, etcetera.  Do yourself a favor though, please make this stress-eating habit the exception, rather than your accepted norm.  For if you do not, you will find yourself unconsciously overeating as you eat all of the time, subconsciously “making-up,” so-to -speak, for not eating enough, so you think, when you were eating unconsciously.  There is only one you.  Prioritize you.  Cook more.  Eat what is prepared by fast-food restaurants and co-packing companies less.  When preparing your meals, make it fun!  Use simple recipes with great and healthy-for-you ingredients.  Ingredients for which you enjoyed shopping.  Make the shopping experience fun too!

About this topic, here is a really good Article I found.   I hope you go forward improving your artistic skills, simply taking on “The Art of Eating!”


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