Work Life Balance

Are you tired of being tired? Do you feel overwhelmed with all your responsibilities? Do you feel you are always at the bottom of your ‘To Do” list? Do you just want to press the pause button on life so you can figure it all out and implement the changes to your life that you know you should be making? 

Be your own Expert Coach – Your life, Your Health, Your Way

Total Mind Body Wellness will get you living your balanced healthy life in 4 steps

If you are a busy, exhausted woman who works outside or inside the home, and are struggling to balance life, feel sluggish or burnt out, and want to feel fit, fabulous, and in control of your life and your body, then join us for a Total Mind Body Transformation

As a Wellness360 Coach, we will examine the core elements that all need to be moving together in the same direction to prevent you from feeling out of balance and contributing to any negative feelings or health symptoms you may be experiencing.

Over the next 12 weeks, we take a deep dive into each element on a practical external level as well as from an internal perspective and finally from a more holistic “energetic” perspective that taps into what is often going on unconsciously. Combining the three perspectives and relating them to your unique life allows you to draw from your past experiences and create a plan to move forward that is long-lasting.

Each week, you will be encouraged to:

  • Learn about the Wellness360 Core Elements:
    • Nourish (Food, Water, Sun)
    • Move (Body, Rest
    • Clarity (Careers, Financial, Purpose)
    • Mindset (Mindset, Spirituality, Relationships, Air)
  • Reflect on these elements and question if they are balanced in your life
  • Move your body
  • Practice self-care & nourish yourself with delicious recipes!





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