Eat REAL food & Get REAL results

Let’s face it, long-lasting, life-changing weight loss is hard, but very possible without having to cancel your social life or give up your wine or chocolate.

How? Stop listening to all the “experts” and learn how to listen to yourself. Intuitive eating is about you finding out what your body needs, and learning to trust your own decisions. Life should be on your terms, your way, and your rules. It is time to take back your own diet. Trust me, you absolutely can do this!

The GET REAL eating plan will teach you to nourish your body and lose weight at the same time, with REAL food and REAL results. This is not a new fad diet, you don’t need special or expensive foods. Just real food, real portions, and one on one support to help you reach your goals. We use a total mind-body approach to weight loss by:

  • Exploring your body type & finding out what will work for you
  • Set realistic goals
  • Teach you to eat using the ‘Complete in 3’ method
  • Explain why blood sugar management is important to weight loss even if you are not diabetic
  • Provide you with delicious recipes in the ‘Get Real Cook Book’
  • Top 5 secrets to fat loss
  • Ultimate Superfoods for weight loss
  • Explore elements of your life that might be out of balance & causing you stress
  • Explain Macro’s & tips on tracking for success



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