Hi! I’m Jenna and am a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach.

Here is my story:

I have always been interested in health and fitness but my WHY always seemed to revolve around the scale and size of my jeans. I suffered with anxiety most of my teenage and adults life and when discussed with doctors I was only given the option of medication to relieve the symptoms. Deep down I knew it was not the path I wanted to take but felt hopeless in my options. So I continued to move through life as a highly functioning, very anxious individual that didn’t see another way of healing.

After high school I decided to enroll in nursing school, being someone that had an interest in health as well as a desire to help people I thought nursing would be a perfect fit. I learned very quickly that something didn’t align, it didn’t feel right and red flags started to pop up. I noticed the same patients entering over and over again, sometimes in worse condition after only being away for a few weeks. I felt like the food being served seemed fake and inedible for healing. Instead of giving my patients vitamins and minerals it was round the clock pharmaceuticals. Nothing within those hospital walls seemed to have the right tools for true healing. I left my new career knowing I wanted to help people but knew this wasn’t the way.

Fast forward to my first pregnancy and I realized how important it was to be your own advocate. I learned that when something doesn’t feel right, to speak up and ask questions. That it’s ok to question doctors and experts because you know yourself better than anyone else. No one has walked in your shoes.

After our second high-risk pregnancy and the birth of my first child I went into a spiral of postpartum anxiety. I had already been on a healing journey after our first loss but didn’t realize the extent of healing that was still needing to be done. I tried to ignore the feelings and move on but my anxiety was swallowing me whole. Overwhelmed with intrusive thoughts and feeling completely hopeless, I hit rock bottom. I was terrified to go on medication but didn’t see another way. I reached out to a therapist and started to do my own research, determined I could find a way that felt aligned. After a few months of showing up everyday I noticed the days seemed to be filled with more sunshine, slowly I could feel the clouds lifting. Day by day I showed up, I dug deep and finally things started to come together.

Implementing micro habits into my daily routine and being consistent started to pay off and I could see myself come alive again. Shifting my mindset and learning to let go of what I could not control and take charge of what I could control is when big shifts started to happen. I dug deep into childhood wounds and recreated my beliefs from past experience.

I was playing small and limiting myself. I am here to tell you, if you are suffering and don’t feel aligned with the help you are receiving, there is a better way. Your body is searching and wanting to lead you to that place of healing, tune into it. The journey is long and the road is hard but it is worth every struggle to truly find yourself. You have everything you need to heal. What is your truth?

“Your Truth Is Your Medicine”


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