“Before starting my program with Jenna, I was lacking motivation and finding time to create healthier habits within my daily life.  Life as a new mom filled my day up quickly and I wasn’t prioritizing my physical, mental, and emotional needs. Meeting with Jenna each week has allowed me to bring small changes and attainable goals into my everyday life which has led to bigger overall outcomes.  I feel stronger and confident with the tools she has given me to tackle the demands of motherhood, while understanding the importance to make time for myself as well. Jenna’s approach to coaching is very open minded and non-judgemental. She creates a safe space for her clients to share their struggles and journeys and helps guide them to be the best versions of themselves. She truly is your biggest cheerleader!  If you are looking to better any version of yourself with small or big goals, you are lucky to have Jenna’s knowledge and passion to guide you to them.”