I recently worked with Julie to find out some more information about my health, and I found the process both very interesting and very useful.

Julie worked with me to compile a comprehensive picture of my current state of well being, taking into account my medical history, significant life events, and diet and lifestyle to build a holistic assessment of where I am now. This was the first time I had ever looked at my health in such a comprehensive way, and it was enlightening to see how different threads – sometimes seemingly irrelevant to my health – could have an impact on my mind and body.

Throughout all of this, Julie was there to help and advise me and gently push me in the right direction. Julie has a very gentle and caring nature, which makes her easy to talk to, plus she is full of advice and tips, as she has made many of these changes personally so speaks from experience.

I can thoroughly recommend working with Julie, particularly to any women experiencing big changes in their life, whether situational or hormonal. Julie has made a massive difference to the way I think and feel, and I feel much more prepared to navigate the next few years of perimenopause and menopause.