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Hi! My name is Lydie, and I am a Certified Wellness Coach with the IAWP where I was trained in holistic health and wellness. I help women professionals in their Stress & Anxiety Recovery journey so they can feel energized, balanced and calmer. I focus on simple approaches to create lasting transformation that addresses the whole person.

My goal is to help you to create a healthy lifestyle that you love to wake up to everyday!

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What I specialize in

Stress & Anxiety Recovery

The "Energizing Life for Women Professionals" program has one purpose for you: to support you in reducing your stress & anxiety challenges, recover from them ...

I very much liked how we could rationalise the challenge, look at it from different angles and work on a solution together.I also very much liked that Lydie gave importance to details. She brought them up again later, so I could reflect on them again, looking at the challenge in a new way. Lydie was very empathetic and understanding, taking my challenge very seriously, while being very professional and working on solutions.

Testimonial from AA

Lydie was super attentive and great at facilitating the coaching process. She was very understanding and empathetic, so easy to connect with. Her suggestions were simple but so impactful.

Testimonial from AK

Thanks to Lydie, I realised than having different plans to move on to achieve my daily routine was the solution that fits me and it really helped me a lot to achieve it. Lydie’s energy is contagious, and I always got out of her sessions with a big smile and lots of energy. I got real support in the self-assessment of my routine and how to have it back, Lydie gave me the confidence in taking my life back!

Testimonial from Sybille

Lydie helped me to reflect on areas in my life I want to work on. The coaching sessions allowed me to prioritize what I want to reach and to define actions that work for ME.  

Testimonial from Valerie

The self-care workshop really made me think about the importance of self-care in general and not to feel guilty for taking that time for my health and  well-being. Firstly, my well-being has improved and I am more mindful of my everyday choices. Then, I am now more vocal about my own needs and put myself first whenever possible. I am able to prioritize my well-being.

Testimonial from KC

What I liked the most from the self-care workshop was the energy that Lydie brings to the table and the fact that she is also open to sharing from her experience. As a consequence, I will definitely include more fun activities for myself every day. Somehow I did not consider that this is also an element of self-care.

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