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The IAWP is the global leader in Health and Wellness Coach Training. Our Wellness Coach Certification provides a world-class education from the industry’s most renowned experts in holistic health, natural medicine, wellness, coaching, entrepreneurship and holistic business. Our community is made up students and graduates from across the globe who are part of our mission to change the health of people everywhere.

The IAWP stands for the International Association of Wellness Professionals. Our wellness education programs began in 2007. The IAWP was founded to bring together the best experts and training in wellness, coaching and holistic business under one roof. Today, we have a thriving community of over 25,000 wellness professionals in over 80 countries.

The IAWP is home to health and wellness professionals and coaches across a wide variety of holistic modalities. Our professional association is a network that provides ongoing training and support to wellness professionals who are committed to helping people live healthier and better lives.

More About the IAWP and Our Founder

Hello, I’m Suzanne Monroe, Founder of the International Association of Wellness Professionals and I want to personally welcome you to our community.

I’m so glad that you are visiting our Wellness 360 website because that means you are interested in healthy lifestyles and wellness.

Our world is experiencing a healthcare crisis, and not just because of dollars and cents, but because we have forgotten the most important medicine there is: taking care of ourselves with healthy food, exercise and lifestyle balance.
If you are passionate about living healthier, then I encourage you to explore this site and connect with a Wellness 360 Coach. If you’re here and you want to inspire others to create a life of wellness, I invite you to learn more about our Wellness Coach Certification program.
What people need most right now is an advocate for their health, someone who will listen to them and guide them to making the lifestyle changes that are necessary. Whether you’re looking for personal support or you want to be that support for someone else, you’re in the right place.  I hope you enjoy exploring our website!