A tomboy turned Beauty Queen.

Combine both of those personalities and you have a Fitness Universe Champion.  Humbled from growing up in a small town in VA moving to the bright lights of Las Vegas, I have always known there was a big interesting world out there to be experienced.    

As a track athlete in college, even when I switched my major to Business from Psychology, I knew I would always come back to it eventually.  Little did I know, it was about to force itself back on me. During my senior year at JMU, I thought I would try being a beauty queen and competed in my first major pageant. Since I was an athlete and have the eye of the tiger mentality – I had to win. But I didn’t. Track spikes didn’t exactly prepare me for the 5-inch heels. Shortly thereafter I fell into a deep depression.  After living a life of being strong and tough, the feelings of not being enough came out of nowhere. I was suicidal and put on heavy medication. It didn’t take long for me to think that there had to be another way.


I remember one Saturday night,

when everyone else was out enjoying the last months of college, I was lying awake in bed. Out of nowhere, I heard “Define beauty for yourself and don’t live up to anyone else’s standards but your own. Embrace all of God’s gifts, even if you have a little more or less than the next woman. Confidence is beautiful, powerful, and truly exudes within.” I wrote it down but I didn’t believe it. But I knew I should because, first, where did this come from, and second, maybe there would be a day that it would make sense.

Next,  I was off to Vegas to start a career in hotel management at Caesars Palace. I spent my free time, not doing the “Vegas thing”, but working to continue to figure myself out.  Why and how did all of that happen?  I was on a mission to learn more about mental health. The next year, I was offered an opportunity to open and manage the new spa, which opened my eyes to a whole new world of wellness.   

With a fresh perspective, I figured I would try the pageant thing again. This time I realized that there was nothing that was going to change me.  I had to be the change.  It wasn’t about the superficial stuff, but about my mentality and the genuine, radiating confidence that I had built within. However, I failed a couple more times, but it was ok. My self-acceptance was no longer reliant on anyone else’s opinion. That’s when it became really fun.


In June of 2008,

I was laid off only 3 weeks before I was to compete at Miss United States.  I had no sponsors, and my limited resources meant I had no fancy dresses, no hair, and makeup team like the other girls.  However, what I did have was the ability to walk taller, smile bigger, and exude the priceless confidence that I had recently found.  That was enough.  The crown was mine.  Miss United States 2008 was… Brittany Williams!  While that was a while ago, it completely shaped my life. The mindset shift and making the best of my resources proved that I had it everything I have ever needed.   

Although I moved on from pageants, I wasn’t quite done with the stage.  I transitioned to fitness competitions. That’s where I belonged all along, but I needed to be stretched out of my comfort zone first. In June 2015, I received my pro card in my first Fitness Universe in Miami.  A few weeks after I spent the rest of the summer on a mission trip to Sri Lanka. Instead of coming home, I was led to divert my trip to India for some spiritual healing, not realizing they had a show a month later.  Stayed, competed, and won.  From there, I have won 5 more Fitness Universe titles, earned Pro status in 3 divisions (bikini, figure and fitness) Champion in Sports Model. It’s my jam.  

I continued competing in these shows after losing my father at the end of  2017. Working out was how I tried to manage the grief and trauma I had experienced.  Another bout of depression sent me into a spiral, that at the time only working out could somewhat fix.    Competing kept me focused and stopped me from emotionally eating and drinking too much wine.  Little did I know, there was so much more to healing than that. While working out is a great remedy, It is only a piece of the puzzle.  2 years later, just when I was beginning to handle my dad’s passing, my aunt passed, too only a week before Fitness America 2019.  Although I felt like reverting back, somehow I pulled it together.  I won the title for both of them that I hoped to win for my dad the year before.


When the pandemic began,

with so many people struggling, I thought it would be my opportunity to use all of those experiences to help others through a hard time. I  have always known it was part of my mission to be a light in the world.  As long as the journey has been, I was shown that it wasn’t quite over.  There was still work to do.  I was forced to keep digging deeper and peeling the onion.  There are So. Many. Layers; ones that we don’t want to acknowledge when everything seems good and ones that we are not even conscious of.

In the meantime, I renewed my NASM Personal Training and Nutrition certifications, began with IAWP, and learned a number of different modalities and techniques to deal with all of me.  Fitness and nutrition got me halfway there and kept me livin’ on a prayer.  Although I won 2 more titles and was stronger than ever, my physique didn’t reflect the work and discipline I was practicing. This lead me to discover the various ways that trauma and stress can manifest in the body and has continued to fuel my obsession of learning, healing myself, and empowering others. 

Despite all the crowns and trophies, the last year, I have focused on more than what to present on stage but making sure what is going on on the outside accurately illuminates what’s inside – not just looking the part, but living it every day.  I broke it all down to build it back up and here I am, excited to share with you what I have been given.. 

Long story short. There is so much more to health or fitness than what you think based on your social media feed.  There are levels to it. If you are ready to really get to the core and be your best ever from the inside out, we have to talk.   


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``If you restore balance in your own self, you will be
contributing immensely to the healing of the world.``
-Deepak Chopra

    About Me:

  • Certified Wellness Coach with the International Association of Wellness Professionals
  • Wellness 360™ Coach
  • 6x Fitness Universe Champion
  • Former Miss United States
  • NASM Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach
  • Cellcore Biosciences Practitioner