Hello! My name is Christina Jones & I am a Certified Life & Wellness Coach with the IAWP focusing on holistic approaches to health and wellbeing. I help Moms of teens prioritize self-care habits so they can embrace who they are outside of motherhood to experience more joy, purpose, and presence. After finding myself lost when my children started coming into adulthood, I discovered how to communicate my personal needs and revive who I am. The journey to boundary setting and better relationship building through communication and self-compassion isn’t one that needs to be traveled alone, let me be your guide and support as you begin into seeking self.

What I specialize in

Movement and Fitness Habits

Movement is essential to your bodies health. Plan in movement or physical fitness to your daily habits. I can guide you in creating a movement ...

Meal Planning

One of the biggest hurdles in diet change is having wholesome food readily available when meal time comes and understanding the needs of the body. ...

Relationships and Communication in Wellness

A key part of the wellness journey is learning effective communication; with yourself and with others. When we are better able to understand the needs ...


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