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Do you want to solve a recurring health challenge, find more natural ways to support your health, or just feel more energized every day?

Hi, I am Dawn Tobasco, and I am a Certified Wellness Coach and Wellness 360™ leader.  Whatever your health goals, on every topic, you have probably found conflicting advice from thousands of books, blogs and podcasts.  How do you know the guidance that is right for you?  Rest assured by me that creating a healthy lifestyle and living well does not have to be confusing.  If you are committed to pursuing a path forward that makes sense and makes it easy for you to be healthy and live well, then my Wellness 360™ step-by-step CORE Personal Coaching process will help you reach your goals.

On top of my other health, fitness, nutrition, and natural-health certifications, I received my Wellness Coaching accreditation from The International Association of Wellness Professionals (the IAWP), the global leader in producing thoroughly-trained, holistic-health and wellness coaching professionals.  For people committed to change, I have acquired through my several accreditations, work experiences, and the IAWP’s training, the necessary and additional skills enabling me to guide them through making lasting changes advancing their lives.  My goal is to support you to reach your goals, to create the everyday life you will love.

Does this sound like you?


Do you wish there was a simple way to sort through all of the conflicting health information and finally find the answers that work for you?


Are you tired of wasting money on books and supplements and tired of wasting time on programs that do not provide lasting positive change?


Do you have a dead-end diagnosis, and believe there is a better way to manage a medical condition than taking another pill?  Do you need assistance selecting the better way to manage your medical condition?


Are you ready to create a healthy lifestyle that energizes you?

What do you need? What do you want? Why? Everyone runs their own race, not another's. Get the precise support you want and need to pursue the healthy lifestyle you tell me you are motivated to attain and keep.

The problem with most health and wellness advancement programs today is that they do not improve total mind and body wellness.  Usually the programs target one area of concern while ignoring others.  For example, a nutrition expert will give you good advice on what to eat, but may ignore why are you eating the way you are eating, causing you to struggle to sustain positive change.

My holistic approach teaches total mind and body balance, that to sustain positive change you have to address the whole you.  Food cravings, including sugary junk foods, smoking, drinking, etcetera, may be ways of coping with stress, possibly stress caused by your career, relationships, and so on.  In that case, your causes of stress and your addictions are interconnected.  Restoring total mind and body balance is the way to break wellness-destroying connections and unlock the more healthfully-living you!  If you are tired of one-sided quick fixes that do not stick, and you want to create a healthy, balanced-life, then I am glad you found me!  You deserve to live your very best life.

Wellness 360™ is your solution to a healthy lifestyle. . . towards living life well.

I know you are more than your number on a scale or chart.  I believe a healthier you is not about calorie counts or workout plans, and is about total mind-body wellness.  Wellness 360™ and I will teach you everything you need to do to create a healthy life and feel your best every day.

No matter how busy you are, Wellness 360™ was developed to help you embark on a healthy lifestyle you can maintain with ease.  When I give you your in-depth, personalized coaching program, based on my listening and discovery process, you will learn how to live healthfully in all aspects of your life – nutrition, exercise, habits, emotions, mindset, relationships, career, finances, spirituality and more.

Wellness 360™ and me are right for you!

What does my Wellness 360™ Personal Coaching program cover?

Through your personal coaching program, I’ll take you through 5-core steps to create a healthy lifestyle.

Step 1

Wellness 360

How to make simple lifestyle changes to jump-start your health and feel your best everyday
In this step, you will learn the basics of Wellness 360™ so that you can go quickly from where you are now to where you want to be.  You will do breakthrough goal-setting for solving common health challenges.   You will make simple lifestyle changes that will have lasting results. Get ready to start feeling energized and living-out your best you.

You will receive your Wellness 360 Essentials Starter Kit including;

 – The Wellness 360 Quiz: Determine your Wellness 360 Score and how to reach your health goals
 – The Wellness 360 Wheel: Learn how to create a holistic lifestyle that aims for and supports much less strife in your life
 – Wellness 360 Discovery: Uncover what things are holding you back from living the healthy life you deserve and learn the steps to get to where you want to be

Step 2

Wellness 360 Nutrition

How to form and keep a self-respecting healthy-eating relationship for life
In this step, you wil learn the fundamentals of holistic nutrition so that you can finally answer the question “What should I really eat everyday?” You will learn to overcome cravings, solve food sensitivities, develop healthy-cooking skills, understand supplementation, and develop an energized eating plan that works for your lifestyle.

You will receive the Wellness 360 Healthy Eating Guide including:
 – The Wellness 360 Food Journal
 – Easy, Label-Reading, Cheat Sheets
 – Meal Prep & Cooking for Busy People
 – Top tips for healthy eating on the go
 – And more

Step 3

Wellness 360 Body

How to work with your body rather than against it
You will learn your unique body constitution and what works for your body type, including fitness and movement techniques that give you energy rather than deplete energy from you.  

You will receive the Wellness 360 Body Blueprint including;
 – Your Body Type Assessment – Discover it and what works best for it
 – Your Unique Food & Move List – How to eat, live and move for your body type
 – How to get moving
 – Simple tips for finding movement you love to do
   – Body Talk – 6 Steps to Transform Your Body

Step 4

Wellness 360 Mindset

How to take charge of your life through the power of your mind
In this step you will learn powerful techniques that will help sustain all of the new habits you are forming.  Your mindset is essential.  You will learn how to master your mindset to achieve your goals.

You will receive the Wellness 360 Mindset Manual including:
 – Powerful practices to keep you centered and energized everyday
 – The top 3 wellness mindsets and how to shift your mindset to live empowered
 – Meditation & Mindfulness Made Easy

Step 5

Wellness 360 Lifestyle

How to create balance in all areas of your life
In this step, you will discover the secret behaviors the healthiest people practice to create a holistic, energetic, fulfilling lifestyle.  You will learn the keys to creating balance and reducing strife in all areas of your life, including Relationships, Finances, Career and more.

You will receive the Wellness 360 Lifestyle Blueprint including;
– The Wellness 360 Roadmap – Three steps to creating your healthy, holistic lifestyle
– The Balance Booster – How to overcome being busy, reduce stress and live with purpose
– Time Management Tracker – 18 top tips for staying on track with your new lifestyle

Is Wellness 360™ Right for You?

Yes, Wellness 360™ is right for you!  Especially if you need and want to …

– Kick-out old habits that are keeping you from living your very best life. 

– Get clarity on current health concerns so you can focus your time and energy on what matters most in your life.

– Discover what food, supplements and nutrition strategies work to balance your body, end food-cravings, and give you energy every day.

– Master the mindset that is required to live a life of health and wellness

– Gain the tools to nourish your body, increase energy, reduce fatigue, and rid yourself of the nagging problems that have not been resolved with traditional therapies.

Please welcome me for an exciting journey to a healthier you!  Take the leap of faith and contact me!  

I want you to know that I know what it is like to be where you are, wanting to make a change,  and wondering if taking the action to make that change will really help.  I tell you that the Wellness 360 program, as coached by me, your soon-to-be trusted guide, will have you on your way to creating and sustaining a lifestyle of health and wellness that you will love!  

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