As your Wellness Coach, I want to support you with a program that is right for you.
Choose from self-guided training, or work with me one on one for personalized support and guidance.

Wellness 360™ On-the-Go

Self Guided Program


Too busy to be healthy? If you’re super busy or just not ready for personal coaching yet but still want to get started on your Wellness 360 journey, this is the perfect program for you.  

Wellness 360 On-the-Go is a self-guided program that you can do at your own pace. You’ll journey through the 5 steps of Wellness 360 using my Wellness 360 Tool Box.

Program includes:

The Wellness 360 Essentials Starter Kit

The Wellness 360 Healthy Eating Guide

– The Wellness 360 Body Blueprint

– The Wellness 360 Mindset Manual

– The Wellness 360 Lifestyle Blueprint

– Plus tons of Get Into Action exercises to keep you on track!

Holistic Home Overhaul

Symptom Free Living In A Non-Toxic Home

Available virtually anywhere in the world or in-person in the Okanagan.


Ready to detox your home? Are you feeling lost in your healing and overwhelmed with your autoimmune or chronic illness symptoms? Do you want to eliminate you and your families toxin exposure in your food, cleaning chemicals and beauty supplies but don’t know where to start? Does the research and label reading exhaust you? 

Let me help, with a complete Holistic Home Overhaul.

Program includes:

– Assessment of your current home environment

– Detailed intake form of your current health, lifestyle + habits

– Complete assessment of your pantry, fridge, freezer and all kitchen supplies

– Complete assessment of your cleaning supplies, laundry supplies and fragrances like candles, sprays etc.

– Complete assessment of your beauty supplies + toiletries

– Non toxic alternatives including DIY for all areas

– Convenience factor as well as budget considered for all items being replaced

– Customized plan and digital handbook specific to you and your families needs

Chronic Illness Group Intensive

12- Week Transformational Healing


Stay Tuned for More Details and Official Launch

``Your Truth Is Your Medicine``