Live Out Your Happily Ever After Fueled by Health and Wellness

Are you tired of the modern dating scene? Fed up with wasting time on matches that aren’t right for you? Are you ready to finally meet you forever partner and live out your happily ever after? Hi, I’m Sheena! I’m a Certified Wellness Coach and Wellness 360™ Leader in Relationship-Readiness Coaching. I have over 10 years experience leading singles just like you in transforming their lives, relationships and rewriting their stories.  

Whatever your goals are, you’ve probably been finding a lot of conflicting advice out there. With thousands of books, blogs and podcasts on relationship and dating advice, how do you know whom to listen to and what’s right for you?

Rest assured, creating a healthy relationship and lifestyle well doesn’t have to be so confusing.

Are you ready to pursue a clear path forward? One that makes it easy to take complete control of a healthy relationship and lifestyle? Wellness 360™ Relationship-Readiness Coaching will take you through a step-by-step process and help you reach your relationship goals with confidence and clarity.

I received my wellness training from The International Association of Wellness Professionals. The global leader in holistic health and wellness training. I also attended one of the top universities in the country earning my Master’s Degree where I learned evidence-based practices. I also earned a master coach title with my former company, Relationship Hero.

My goal is to support you to reach your relationship goals and create a life you love to wake up to everyday. You deserve to live out your happily ever after with the partner of your dreams!

Does this sound like you?


Do you wish there was a simple way to sort through all of the conflicting relationship and dating advice and finally find the answers that work for you?


Are you tired of wasting time and money on more programs, books and dating sites/apps?


Do you believe there’s a better way to date other than settling for Tinder … but aren’t sure how to get there?


Are you ready to finally meet your soul mate and live out your happily ever after?

Get the support you need in creating a lifelong relationship the day your soul mate walks into your life through relationship-readiness coaching

The problem with most relationship and dating advice today is that it’s based on someone’s opinion, not on evidence or what really works. It also has a bad habit of telling you what to do, but not how to do it.

For example, let’s say you pick up your favorite celebrity’s new book on relationship advice – maybe there are some good tips in there like cutting out junk food to feel and look more attractive. It is probably a good idea to stop eating junk food but how do you make that change? And more importantly, why is it you’re turning to junk food in the first place? It is impossible to sustain change without knowing these answers.

There are limitless opinions out there on how to “get a girl” or “find your prince charming.” However, none of that advice takes your unique personality, values, goals and lifestyle into consideration. It is missing the most important part of the relationship equation… YOU!

My holistic approach to relationship-readiness coaching addresses the whole you. It will help you answer those essential questions. It will teach you that one imbalance in your life can create an imbalance in another area. Because that relentless junk food craving may be a way of coping with stress. And that stress may be caused by your job. In that case, your job and your sugar addiction are interconnected and is hindering your ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships.

Restoring the balance among these connections is the key to unlocking a healthier lifestyle and attracting your perfect match! Is it realistic to expect yourself to find a partner if your lifestyle is out of balance? And more importantly, how can we make our relationships last if we aren’t in a healthy place first? 

If you’re tired of unhelpful advice, or quick fixes that don’t stick, and you want to finally create a healthy, balanced lifestyle based on proven, natural approaches with the goal of becoming your best self, then I’m so glad you found me!

Finally, you can access clear, holistic guidance and support. Through my Wellness 360™ Relationship-Readiness Coaching Program, you can cut dating out of your life forever!

You deserve to live out your happily ever after with the partner of your dreams.

Wellness 360™ Relationship-Readiness is your solution to a healthy relationship. . . for life

I know you’re more than just the your Match profile. More than the photos on your Bumble account. More than another potential match to be swiped left on. I believe a healthier, happier you is not just about being in a relationship, it’s about total mind-body wellness through self-love and a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness 360™ Relationship-Readiness Coaching will teach you everything you need to know to create a truly healthy lifestyle and feel your best every day so you can be ready when you do meet your match.

Wellness 360™ Relationship-Readiness was developed to help you to embark on a new healthy lifestyle. One that you can maintain with ease, no matter how busy you are. In your in-depth, personalized coaching program, you’ll learn how to be healthier and happier throughout all aspects of your life – nutrition, exercise, daily habits, emotional health, mindset, relationships, career, finances, spirituality and more, leading you to be a WHOLE person and not just a half for your future partner!

The secret to change is not about focusing on fighting the old, but on building the new. Come find out what a change in perspective can do for you through Wellness 360™ Relationship-Readiness Coaching

What does my Wellness 360™ Relationship-Readiness Coaching program cover?

Through your personal coaching program, I’ll take you through 7 core steps. Together we will create a healthy lifestyle without struggle or overwhelm. Whatever your goals are, my coaching program will help you make the lasting changes you desire. You will have the life you’ve always imagined, designed with your happily ever after in mind!

Step 1

Wellness 360

How to make simple lifestyle changes to jumpstart your relationship readiness journey and feel your very best everyday
In this step, you’ll learn the basics of Wellness 360™ Relationship-Readiness so you can quickly go from where you are now to where you want to be. From breakthrough goal setting to solving common lifestyle challenges, you’ll make simple lifestyle changes that will have lasting results and support your relationship goals. Get ready to start feeling confident, energized and living your best life that will attract your soulmate.

You will receive your Wellness 360 Essentials Starter Kit including;

   – The Wellness 360 Quiz: Determine your Wellness 360 Score and how to reach your relationship goals
   – The Wellness 360 Wheel: Learn how to create a holistic lifestyle that supports you without struggle or overwhelm
   – Wellness 360 Discovery: Uncover what’s holding you back from living the healthy lifestyle you desire and learn the steps to get to where you want to be

Step 2

Wellness 360 Nutrition

How to transform food confusion and information overwhelm into a healthy eating relationship for life
In this step, you’ll learn the fundamentals of holistic nutrition so that you can finally answer the question “What should I really eat everyday?” You’ll learn to overcome cravings, solve food sensitivities, develop healthy cooking skills, understand supplementation and develop an energized eating plan that works for your lifestyle. Fuel your body, ignite your soul and soar into your destiny!

You will receive the Wellness 360 Healthy Eating Guide including;
   -The Wellness 360 Food Journal
   -Easy Label Reading Cheat Sheets
   -Meal Prep & Cooking for Busy People
   -Top tips for healthy eating on the go
   -And much more

Step 3

Wellness 360 Body

How to work with your body rather than against it
You’ll learn your own body constitution and what works for your unique body type, including fitness and movement techniques that will give you lasting energy rather than deplete you. Transform your body into the vessel that will support and carry you into the life you were meant for!

You will receive the Wellness 360 Body Blueprint including;
   -Your Body Type Assessment: Discover your type and what works best for it
   -Your Unique Food & Move List: How to eat, live and move for your body type
   -How to stop making excuses and finally get moving
   -Simple tips for finding movement you love to do
   -Body Talk: 6 Steps to Transform Your Body

Step 4

Wellness 360 Rest

Recharge Your Energy for a Vibrant Love Life!
We’ll dive into the secrets of rejuvenating rest and quality sleep to supercharge your love life! As a vibrant single in the prime of your life, we understand the importance of feeling energized, refreshed, and ready to conquer the dating scene. Get ready to unlock the power of restful nights and wake up to a vibrant, love-filled future!

You will receive the Wellness 360 Rest Roadmap including;
   -Rise & Shine Morning Mastery: Start your days feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world
   -Sleep Solutions Outline: Your go-to guide for assessing and optimizing your sleep
   -Dreamy Sleep Rituals: Collection of soothing techniques, personalized sleep rituals, and relaxation practices
   -Groovin’ N’ Rejuvenin’: Tips for rejuvenation to improve your mood & mental clarity

Step 5

Wellness 360 Mindset

How to take charge of your life through the power of your mind
In this step you’ll learn powerful techniques that will help you to sustain all of the new habits you are forming.  Your mind is an essential part of your health! You’ll learn how to master your mindset to achieve your goals. Learn to master your mind so it no longer masters you!

You will receive the Wellness 360 Mindset Manual including:
   -Powerful practices to keep you centered and energized everyday
   -The top 3 wellness mindsets and how to shift yours to live empowered
   -Meditation & Mindfulness Made Easy

Step 6

Wellness 360 Career & Finances

Unlock Your Professional Powerhouse for Love and Prosperity!
We’ll embark on an exciting adventure and pave the way to love and prosperity! Get ready to ignite your passion in your career, master your finances, and become a magnet for success in both your professional and dating life. It’s time to unleash your inner go-getter and create a future that’s filled with love, abundance, and thrilling opportunities!

You will receive the Wellness 360 Prosperity Pathway including;
   -Career Confidence Toolbox: Tools to skyrocket your professional success
   -Financial Game Playbook: 5 secrets to money management and savvy budgeting
   -Work Hard Play Harder Guide: Ultimate work-life balance strategies
   -Find Your Passion Path: Uncover the ideal path that aligns with your relationship goals and brings you joy every step of the way

Step 7

Wellness 360 Lifestyle

How to create balance in all areas of your life without struggle or deprivation
In this step, you’ll discover the secrets that the healthiest people practice to create a holistic, energetic, fulfilling lifestyle. You’ll learn the keys to creating balance and reducing stress in all areas of your life. Here you will bring all your new skills together and graduate to relationship-readiness! You’ll learn just how the foundations of wellness have fundamental impacts on developing relationships.

You will receive the Wellness 360 Lifestyle Blueprint including;
   -The Wellness 360 Roadmap: Three steps to creating your healthy, holistic lifestyle to Attract Your Soulmate
   -The Balance Booster: How to overcome being busy, reduce stress and live with purpose in preparation for your forever relationship
   -Time Management Tracker: 18 top tips for staying on track with your new lifestyle while managing a future, new relationship

Is Wellness 360™ Relationship-Readiness Right for You?

Wellness 360™ Relationship-Readiness is for you if you’re ready to:

Kick your old habits that are keeping you from living your very best life and keeping you from maintaining a healthy, happy relationship.

Get clarity on current lifestyle concerns once and for all so you can focus your time and energy on what matters most in your life like relationships, career and so much more.

Discover what food, supplements and nutrition strategies actually work to end food cravings, balance your body and give you the most energy every day to keep up with your future partner.

Master the mindset that’s required to live a life of health and wellness without struggle or overwhelm, to avoid relationship breakdowns.

Gain the tools to nourish your body to increase energy, reduce fatigue and get rid of nagging problems that don’t seem to resolve with traditional therapies so you can have more time and energy for your soulmate.

If you’ve read this far, then you’re almost there. Just one more step and you’ll be on your way to creating a lifestyle and relationship that you love. I want you to know that I know what it’s like to be where you are right now – wanting to make a change and wondering if this will really help you.

What I can tell you is that Wellness 360™ Relationship-Readiness Coaching was designed to be able to help anyone who wants to create a life they love, full of energy and vitality. No matter what challenge you’re facing right now, with the guidance, expert advice and support you’re going to experience in my program, you can create a healthier, empowered life that will allow you to discover your inner Phoenix and soar to new heights in love.  

If you’re tired of quick fixes or solutions that don’t fit your lifestyle or relationship goals, then my Wellness 360™ Relationship-Readiness Coaching Programs are for you.

Take the next step risk free and join me on this exciting journey to your discovering your happily ever after today by booking your first coaching session free!