Privacy Policy


Updated and Posted September 13, 2023; Effective as of October 13, 2023

Inner Harbors, LLC. and its Family of businesses (collectively, “Inner Harbors“, “us”, “our” or “we”) provide this privacy policy (this “Policy“) to inform you of: (1) the types of information we collect; (2) your choices surrounding such information; and (3) how we collect, use, share, update and secure such information. This Policy applies to information obtained in connection with Inner Harbors operations at or through our websites, our mobile/tablet sites, our social media presence, our applications (apps), our registration and event services, our messaging platforms, our stores, our kiosks, and other Inner Harbors owned or controlled digital and omni-channel properties that link to this Policy (individually a “Site” and collectively, our “Sites”). Emails, social media, marketing campaigns and digital and online advertising are referred to collectively as, our “Internet Marketing Channels.

This Policy and your use of any of our Sites is subject to our Terms of use. If you have questions about this Policy, please contact us by using the “Contact Customer Support” link below.

I. Categories of Information Collected

Some of the information we collect is “Personal Information,” which generally means information that identifies you as an individual, and other information we associate with it. This may include a name, mailing address, e-mail address, driver’s license number, date of birth, social security number, credit/debit card information (and related payment information) and/or telephone number. If you or an Organization (described below) to which you or your minor child belongs create an account on one of our team sports or event Sites, the Personal Information we collect may relate to minor children. By providing the Organization or us with your child’s Personal Information, you represent that you are the child’s parent, guardian or otherwise have the authority to share this Personal Information with the Organization and us and consent to the Organization directly sharing such information with us.

We collect several categories of information, from the different sources:


A. Information You Provide:  We receive information you provide to us when you:

(1) create an account with us (including a shopping account online, an account to review products, a customer loyalty account, a team sports or event registration account or any other type of account);

(2) apply for a credit card through us or our banking partners;

(3) make a purchase or return;

(4) apply for employment opportunities;

(5) apply for a license or conduct a similar type of transaction subject to governmental compliance obligations;

(6) contact us via any customer support method;

(7) submit user-generated content (via our Sites, Internet Marketing Channels or otherwise);

(8) participate in customer research, surveys, sweepstakes or promotions;

(9) subscribe for email, text, or other messages;

(10) work with our Employees/Associates who provide you with in-store services or otherwise assist you with your product needs and purchases through the use of Sites;

(11) download or use our Sites;

(12) file a claim or participate in investigations regarding claims or losses; or

(13) otherwise communicate information to us.

B. Information We Receive From Third Parties. We may receive information you provide on behalf of third parties, or third parties provide on your behalf, including but not limited to gift recipients, online registrations/purchases, ship-from-store, in-store pick-up, registries or as a result of your interactions with other users on our team sports or event Sites.

We receive information from sources assisting us with (i) updating, enhancing, improving and/or analyzing our records or data; (ii) performing marketing and research services; or (iii) detecting fraud or theft. We may also acquire information about you from third parties with whom we have a relationship or otherwise contract with to obtain such information. In the event we acquire a business, we may receive information from the seller of such business. Additionally, we may receive information from various consumer reporting agencies and related service providers.

We also work with third-party service providers that provide us feedback about our Sites and analytics and general information about browsing patterns to improve our Sites and our Internet Marketing Channels. Analytics services such as Site Catalyst by Adobe Analytics provide services that analyze information regarding your visits to our Sites and may use cookies, web beacons and other tracking mechanisms (as described below) to collect this information.

C. Information that is passively collected when you use the Sites. When you visit our Sites or interact with us through your device, (including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other technologies in our stores) we may collect “User Activity Information” through Cookies, Web Beacons and other similar or related technologies (collectively, “Information Technologies“). “Cookies” are small text files sent to your device as you visit our Sites or utilize our Internet Marketing Channels and saved on your device via your browser. “Web Beacons” (also known as pixels or tags) are a common form of web technology used on our Sites and Internet Marketing Channels to monitor visits to certain pages within, interactions with, and the effectiveness of, our Sites and our Internet Marketing Channels.

User Activity Information we collect through these Information Technologies includes internet protocol (IP) addresses, device characteristics (such as connection type, operating system, browser type, screen resolution), location information, user ID, and your interactions with our Sites and Internet Marketing Channels, such as which webpages you visit, your keyword searches, and the products or product categories viewed. User activity information may also include information about: your mobile device if it is being used to visit the Sites (such as device model, operating system, unique device identifiers, and mobile network information); how you use our Sites and Internet Marketing Channels, search terms, pages you visit on our Sites and application performance information. In addition, while User Activity Information does not generally identify or relate to you as an individual, we may associate this type of information with you as an individual and may also determine your general location from this information. We only share Personal Information for purposes identified in this Privacy Policy, but User Activity Information collected on our Sites could potentially be used by Internet Marketing Channels for their own purposes, some of whom may be able to associate such information with you based on other information they have collected independently of Land Threads.

D. Fitness Information. If you link your electronic fitness device or third party account (such as Garmin, MapMyRun, Move, or Fitbit) to a Inner Harbors account, we may receive certain information from that third party or your fitness device, and our use of such information is governed by this Policy.

E. Social Media Access. We engage with current and prospective customers through multiple Internet Marketing Channels and social media services (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter). If you contact us on one of our Internet Marketing Channels, request customer service via social media or otherwise direct us to communicate with you via social media, we may contact you via direct message or use other social media tools to interact with you. In these instances, your interactions with us are governed by this Policy as well as the privacy policy of the social media platform you use. If you choose to access, link to, or log-in to our Sites or Internet Marketing Channels or otherwise communicate with us through a third-party social media service, you are granting us permission to access and use the information that you post or store on the applicable social media service in accordance with the privacy policy of that service and the privacy settings that are applicable to your account, and to store the user name and password, you use to log-in to the applicable social media service. By accessing or logging into our Sites or Internet Marketing Channels via a social media service, any information you provide may also become accessible to that service, subject to that service’s privacy policy. For additional information and more details on how you can manage the information provided to us by these social media services, please review the privacy settings applicable to your account with the applicable social media service. We do not control and are not responsible for the privacy practices of such services. Please consult the privacy policy of such services for additional information.

H. Other Information. In addition to collecting Personal Information as described above, we may collect information that does not identify you and is not associated with your Personal Information. We may also de-identify information so it no longer identifies you. We can aggregate and use such information to engage in marketing and other activities in a manner that does not use customers’ personal information and is outside the scope of this Policy.

II. Your Choices

We provide customers with a number of choices regarding our collection, use and disclosure of personal information:

A. Email Opt-Out. You may unsubscribe to future promotional e-mail communications from a member of the Land Threads Family of Businesses by clicking on the unsubscribe link provided in our e-mail communications from such member. In addition, you may use the methods set forth in the “Contact Customer Service” link below to opt-out or update certain preferences. Regardless of your decision to opt-out of promotional e-mail communications, we may still contact you to respond to an inquiry, regarding transactions and for transactional purposes (e.g., sales confirmations, shipping notifications, recalls, product information, service/reminder notices and account maintenance).

B. Disabling Cookies. Based upon your interactions with our Sites and elsewhere on the internet and your (and your device’s) interaction with our Internet Marketing Channels, we may personalize your experience via our Sites and via our Internet Marketing Channels. However, you have choices relating to how your device interacts with our Sites and our Internet Marketing Channels. You may choose to access our Sites and our Internet Marketing Channels without accepting certain Information Technologies on your device(s), and you may opt-out or modify certain elements that are tailored specifically to you and served to you based upon your browsing history. If you choose to restrict those Information Technologies, you can still access our Sites and Internet Marketing Channels, but may not be able to take full advantage of certain features. You may also manage third party tracking by turning off cookies and changing your browser settings. Learn more at

C. Interest-Based Advertising and “Do Not Sell or Share” Requests. We participate in interest-based advertising (IBA), also known as Online Behavioral Advertising. We use third-party advertising companies and networks to display ads tailored to your individual interests based on how you browse and shop online when you visit our Sites, Internet Marketing Channels, and across other sites to serve you Land Threads advertisements across the Internet and through other channels. Some of these networks may be members of the Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”) or participate in the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (“DAA“) Self-Regulatory Program. To learn more about your choices relating to members of the NAI visit their website at To learn more about your choices relating to networks that participate in the DAA Program, please visit Please note, even if you choose to restrict, opt-out or modify your preferences, you may still see or receive Inner Harbors advertisements on our Sites, on our Internet Marketing Channels, and on other sites, but such advertisements will not be based upon your browsing history.

In addition, the browser on your device may offer you preferences regarding a website’s collection of your information or your online activities over time and/or across different websites or online services and you may modify your individual preferences. Our Sites endeavor to process “Global Privacy Control” (GPC) signals from web browsers by automatically opting-out such visitors from Third Party Targeting Cookies, although GPC technology is not fully developed and it is not yet supported by all browsers. You also have the option to opt out of certain interest-based advertising, and to learn more about interest based advertising or to opt-out of this type of advertising by participating members, please visit the Network Advertising Initiative website and the Digital Advertising Alliance website Options you select are browser and device-specific.

We may provide certain personal information to specific consumer brands, advertising businesses and other third parties, such as to provide targeted advertising, customer analytics, a more personalized experience and special offers to You. Specifically, identifying information, User Activity Information and/or transaction information may be shared through targeting cookies and data extracts. Inner Harbors may benefit from these activities. Please visit our Customer Sharing page for more information about such sharing and to opt-out of third party targeting cookies and/or data extracts. You can opt back in to targeting cookies through the Customer Sharing Preferences page, and opt back in to data extracts by contacting us as directed below. Also, as noted above, our Sites endeavor to process Global Privacy Control signals from web browsers.

D. Location Information. When you visit our Sites, they may collect general location information from your IP address and your specific location information (latitude and longitude) from your browser. You may opt out of allowing our use of specific location information we obtain when you visit our Sites online by selecting the option of not allowing us to use location information when prompted by your browser or by managing your browser settings. Note such opt-outs and browser settings do not limit our ability to use your general location obtained via your IP address.

E. Mobile Device and Application Preferences.

1.    Text Messages. If you have opted-in to receive text messages from us, we may send text messages to the number provided that corresponds to your device. To opt-out of mobile messaging from a member of the Inner Harbors Family of Businesses, reply “stop” to text messages received from such members. This will opt you out of all text message campaigns from that member only.

2.    Push Notifications. You may at any time opt-out from further push notifications by adjusting the permissions in your mobile device.

3.    Location Information. You may at any time opt-out from allowing us to access specific location information of your device by adjusting the permissions in the mobile device you use to access our Sites and those of our third-party partners through your mobile browser or Inner Harbors mobile app.

4.    In-App Notifications. All application users receive in-app notifications or “local notifications” generated by a device trigger. To halt those notifications, you may discontinue use of the app, or uninstall the app from your mobile device.

5.    Updates and Uninstall Mobile Applications. Notification and automatic installation of app updates can be controlled through the preferences of the mobile app “store” specific to your mobile device. You can stop all further collection of information by a mobile app by uninstalling it. You may use the standard uninstall process available as part of your mobile device or via the mobile app marketplace or network. Note that after you uninstall the mobile app from your device, a unique identifier associated with your device may be retained by Inner Harbors. If you re-install the app on the same device, we will often be able to re-associate this identifier to your previous transactions and activities. If you have linked a third-party account to a Inner Harbors mobile app, and you no longer want Inner Harbors to collect data from that account, you will need to disconnect that account within the Inner Harbors app. Once that is done, you should uninstall the app from your mobile device.

6.    In-Store Mobile Technology. You may prevent us from accessing your in-store location and other data obtained via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other in-store mobile technology by preventing it from connecting with our systems (e.g., Wi-Fi) while in our stores so our in-store technology will not detect your presence. To disable third party tracking while in our stores (such as social media), log out of your third party accounts or disable location services when visiting our stores. (Please note that In-Store Mobile Technology is unrelated to in-store cameras as discussed in Section I.F.2 above.)

III. How We Use Your Information

We use your information consistent with this Policy and applicable laws in the following ways:

1.    Fulfilling, delivering and communicating with you regarding requests for information and orders for products and/or services.

2.    Maintaining our loyalty programs.

3.    Processing credit card applications, payments, returns and other such transactions.

4.    Evaluating your application for employment.

5.    Administering surveys, sweepstakes, contests or promotions.

6.    Registering and servicing customer accounts.

7.    Providing customer service.

8.    Conducting research and analysis.

9.    Alerting you to product, service and promotional information, including product recalls.

10. Helping us to improve and customize our products and services, Sites and Internet Marketing Channels.

11. To advertise our products and services to you and those of our partners that we think may be of interest to you.

12. Protecting the security and integrity of our stores, Sites, Internet Marketing Channels and overall business practices.

13. Enabling Organizations, account holders, and others to utilize the features and functionality and Services of our Sites, including facilitating communications among Organization participants, members and others.

14. As may otherwise be disclosed at the time of collection.

In doing so, we may:

1.    Combine certain Personal Information and non-personal information collected online and offline, including information collected from third parties;

2.    Transfer or disclose such information within our Family of Businesses including affiliates and subsidiaries;

3.    Retain the information as needed to provide you products/services, comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce agreements as necessary in our sole discretion;

4.    Combine the information we collect and maintain it across the Inner Harbors Family of Businesses and our service providers;

5.    Process User Activity Information to associate you with your interactions on our Sites and In-Store services; including to recognize you and your preferences as you return to our Sites or utilize our Internet Marketing Channels, to tailor advertisements to you, and to provide other services to you. We may display targeted ads to you through Internet Marketing Channels. These ads are sent to groups of people who may share common traits, such as likely commercial interests or demographics. For example, if you have expressed an interest in shopping for Ohio products, we may target you with Ohio-related products. In addition to such tailoring, we use User Activity Information to ensure that our online presence operates properly and efficiently for you and for your individual customer experience, to evaluate the use and benefit of such presence, and to support our Sites and our Internet Marketing Channels; and

6.    Use location information from your device in order to deliver marketing messages to you which may be more relevant to your general location. We may also use this data to track the effectiveness of local marketing campaigns, as well as our store location services.

IV. How We Disclose Your Information

We may share your information (including Personal Information) with the following categories of third parties where consistent with this Policy and applicable laws:

1.    With third party businesses and service providers that assist with our business operations, such as shipping vendors, billing or other payment vendors, payment card processors, IT services, customer service, email and text delivery services, marketing and research vendors and various companies that work with us to improve or provide our products and services and our data integrity including advertising networks and data analytics providers. While we are not involved in the day-to-day operations of such businesses and providers, our agreements generally obligate them to use reasonable methods to keep any Personal Information safe and secure, and not use such Personal Information for purposes other than providing their applicable services, or as otherwise described in this policy. However, even if a third party business or service provider is performing business operations on our behalf, if you have an independent relationship with such third party business or service provider, its use of your information may be governed by its independent relationship with you, and we are not responsible for such use.

2.    As we deem necessary in the event (or partial event) of a corporate sale (asset or stock), merger, reorganization, change in corporate control, acquisition, insolvency, bankruptcy or similar event.

3.    In connection with various co-branded, warranty, delivery/assembly, and/or financial products or services, including our private label credit card(s).

4.    To comply with applicable law or reasonable request based upon governmental regulation, court order, subpoena, or similar related action.

5.    As we deem necessary to protect the rights, property, or safety of Land Threads, our customers, our associates, or others, to prevent harm or loss, or in connection with an investigation or suspected or actual fraud or other unlawful activity.

6.    With respect to our partners or event Sites, with the applicable Organization(s) on whose behalf the Site was established, and otherwise in connection with other features and functionality of such Sites. Such Organizations, at their discretion, may share your information with other participants, users, and public viewers of the Sites. We suggest you review the privacy policies of such Organizations before deciding to share information relating to any such Organization.

7.    To the extent permitted by law and as described above in the Interest-Based Advertising section, we may share identifying information, User Activity Information and/or transaction information through targeting cookies and/or data extracts. You can always opt out of this sharing as described above. Where you have not opted out of sharing, we may share your contact information with third parties that we believe may have services or products that may be of interest to you.

8.    As may otherwise be disclosed at the time of collection.

V. How to Update Your Information

For certain types of information, we offer you several ways to access or update such information:

1.    If you have an account on one or more of our Sites, you can log-in to your account on the applicable Site and update your information and communication preferences provided there. Some fields (such as password) can be Site specific and if you have more than one account with us or registered on more than one Website, you will need to update each account.

2.    You can Contact Customer Support to request updates to your account via the link at the bottom of each page of our Sites by send us an email at for all Sites. You may also reach us by U.S. postal mail at P.O. Box 701 Marysville, OH 43040, ATTN: Customer Support. Please provide your current and complete contact information with these requests.

3.    If you are a Inner Harbors Points member, you can manage your preferences on any of our websites.

4.    If you participate in an Organization that uses our Platforms or event Sites we host on behalf of an Organization, contact the Organization for options regarding the manner in which your information can be updated, displayed, or removed.

Please note:

1.    We may refuse requests that are unreasonably repetitive, require disproportionate technical efforts, risk the privacy of others or are impractical.

2.    After closing your account(s), or updating or deleting any of your information, we may retain residual copies on our servers and back-up systems to the extent permitted by law.

3.    Closing or updating information relating to one Inner Harbors account (e.g., a Inner Harbors online shopping account) does not guarantee the closing or updating of a separate and different Inner Harbors account. If you desire to close or update multiple Inner Harbors accounts, please log-in to each specific account to do so, or please contact the applicable Customer Support department associated with each such account.

4.    Closing an account will not affect information we obtain via Information Technologies.

5.    Closing your account on our platforms or event Sites may not remove your information that the Organization and its affiliates, or other third parties, add about you to the applicable Sites (such as participant, eligibility, roster, scheduling, performance or scoring information).

In our efforts to maintain accurate and complete information, we utilize third party service providers to assist us in identifying and with updating contact information (e.g., National Change of Address or NCOA).

VI. Security

We use a variety of security measures to help protect Personal Information and transactions we process. Our Sites utilize encryption technology to protect Personal Information that we transport across the internet. Customers’ online and mobile accounts are password protected with restricted access.

Additionally, we use a variety of security measures to help protect Personal Information that we maintain. While no company can guarantee the security of your information, we use physical, administrative and technical controls that are consistent with retail industry practices to mitigate such risks.

VII. Children

Our Sites are “general audience” websites and not directed toward children under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from children under the age of 13 without express parental consent; however if your child is registered with an Organization, such Organization may provide such information to us. By providing such information to an Organization you expressly consent to the Organization providing such information to us. If you are a parent or guardian and think we have unauthorized information about your child who is under the age of 13, please let us know by contacting us at

VIII. Third Party Links

Our Sites and our Internet Marketing Channels may link to other sites that we do not control. In addition, you may have visited our Site through a link or a banner advertisement on another site. In such cases, the site you linked from may collect information from people who click on the banner or link. These other sites are governed by their own privacy policies which you should review when visiting such sites to understand how they collect and use your information. We are not responsible for the privacy practices third party sites.

IX. Privacy Policy Updates

We may, from time to time, update and revise this Policy. Please periodically check this Policy for any updates or revisions. In the event we make a material change to how we use your information that would materially adversely affect your rights, we will provide you advance notice including by posting the proposed change on the Sites at least 30 days in advance of the effective date of the changes. We encourage you to keep the email and other addresses you provide to us current so that you may receive any additional notices we send to you regarding material changes to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the changes and do not wish to be bound by such changes, you should stop using the Sites, and if you are a registered user, you may cancel your account with us within the thirty (30) day period by contacting us at for all Sites. Please provide your current and complete contact information with these requests. Otherwise, the changes will take effect after thirty (30) days or upon the effective date, whichever is later.