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Hydration is Key

I know what you are thinking, yes hydration is important, but is it worthy of a blog?  Yes and here is why.   Too often clients share with me that they are constipated, feel bloated, muscles ache, skin is dry and the list goes on.   Water can help with everything that I just listed and so much more!   You might wonder, how much water am I supposed to drink daily?  Several resources online say we are supposed to drink half of our body weight in ounces.   Of course there are other variables that play a factor into how much water to drink,  that could be the amount of caffeine you are drinking, or alcohol, the climate or the amount of exercise you are exerting.   So many variables.   Talk to your doctor to be on the safe side!

Let’s get back to the topic on hand.   Hydration, that being water.   Water is the first thing we should drink when we wake up to flush out all of the toxins that have built up in our body after our body has had a chance to repair over night.  If we don’t flush those toxins out, guess what happens?   They reabsorb into the body.  Yuck, that doesn’t sound good.  Then what happens?  People get headaches, people get constipated, people get achy, you get the theme: overall discomfort.  When we are in any of those states, we have foggy thinking, hard to focus and not productive in any area of our life.

I am talking with Superwoman all the time that are struggling with energy and getting things done.  If we hydrate and energize our body with water and keep the toxins flushing out, guess what?   We get more energy and when we have more energy, we are able to get more done!  Now that sounds more like it!

Why else should you hydrate?   The list is long, and I am not sure how much time you have.   For one, your skin will glow and look younger, so that is another pretty cool benefit!   Another reason, to drink water is that it can prevent headaches.  No one wants headaches or has time for that.   Superwomen need energy, drink water!  Water is your friend I promise!   Just try it for one week, drinking half your body weight in water, or what your doctor recommends!   Observe how you feel.

Is this easy if you aren’t used to drinking water?  No, it isn’t easy.  It took me a long time to really drink enough water.  I used to drink ginger ale on flights because I knew it would make me constipated and I wouldn’t have to use the facilities on the airplane.  I would deliberately not drink enough water in the office because I would have to run to the restroom and that interfered with my workshops that I was teaching and was embarrassing that I had to excuse myself too often.  What is too often?   Our bodies are meant to be hydrated and then to release.   I had really screwed up my system.   I had to figure out how to get water into my system, despite what others thought or if I didn’t like the facilities on an airplane.

This was my first step into learning about self care and learning how to take care of me.   Something as simple as hydrating your body with water is one of the best gifts you can give yourself to be the best version of you that you want to be!

Go forth, get a fun cup, drink water and see how you feel in a week.  Keep me posted!

In Health & Wellness,

Kim Goeltom

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