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Rest is Doing Something

I never knew or thought of rest as something one does unless you had to!  This may come as a surprise, but I have never been good at resting unless necessary.    I have always been on the go ‘zoom zoom’ here and everywhere, so why would that change?   I bring this up, because we are susceptible to the belief that we always have to be ‘doing’ something.

In a world where technology dominates our world between smart phones, tablets, laptops, desk top computers, fitbits and smart watches to name a few (that’s a lot and there are more to list!) we are taught to be constantly engaged with technology, which stimulates our eyes and minds.   We might think we are relaxing as we scroll through Facebook, but our brains are still being stimulated as well as our eyes by the screen and this keeps us awake!  Our circadian rhythm gets affected by this.  Seriously!

Guess what, we aren’t resting, when we are engaged with technology.   Most people find it hard to relax and this shouldn’t be a surprise.   We are always on the go and plugged in.

How do you go from being plugged in all the time to unplugging?   It takes practice and patience.   I have been there and still at times, I struggle with doing nothing also known as resting.   Recently, a friend of mine hurt her shoulder and knee and couldn’t workout at the local gym and was frustrated and mad at her body.   I reminded her that being in a state of rest, is doing something, and she needed to take that time to heal.  She had injured herself in March and kept pushing herself, which caused additional challenges, because she never took time to rest in March after the first injury.   Now one injury has turned into three.   This was her bodies way of saying, REST.

Even if we aren’t injured, our body and mind need rest.   When was the last time you got outside in nature and went for a walk or looked at the stars?  Take time to nurture and take care of you.   Taking time for rest is part of self care.  When can you block time to just rest?


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