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How does your Mindset play a role in your daily choices?


Mindset plays an incredible role in anything and everything we do.    Most often the reason we are successful at something or not is because of our mindset.    If we are fearless and determined than success is almost inevitable and the opposite is true as well.

You might be wondering, why I am writing about Mindset?  What does this have to do with health and wellness?   It has everything to do with it!    If you were scolded as a child for eating too much, you might secretly eat where people can’t see you eat.   If you were rewarded for exercise as a child, you might exercise to get recognition.   If your family emotionally ate, you might too.   We learn these patterns whether we realize them consciously or not.  When was the last time you took note of why you make some of the choices that you make?

What are you wanting to change?    What are your beliefs around that goal/challenge?  What work needs to be done on the mindset before you can achieve your goals?  I have a client that is working on changing his mindset to achieve a healthier life right now.   His family has never eaten healthy and physical fitness was not something his family participated in or encouraged.  They actually didn’t want him to participate in sports growing up.   Diabetes and heart disease is prominent in his family and his 46 year sibling just had a heart attack.    One of the ways of getting approval in his family was being just like them, even if it meant following an unhealthy lifestyle.   Now he is on a wellness journey so he doesn’t have a heart attack or need to have a foot amputated or die at a young age as some of his family members have.    The mindset that he has learned for the last 50 years is impressed upon his brain and heart.  The first step to making changes that will last is with mindset first.

Of course nutrition and exercise play a role, but self sabotage will take over if mindset isn’t addressed as well.   Everyone has good days and bad days, but what is going to get a person through on a bad day?   What can we all learn from this situation?

This is not unique to this client.   We all have mindsets based on how we grew up about all area’s of life and then how family, friends, coworkers and bosses have added to those as well.    What is one mindset that you would like to shift?   Journal, meditate, pray and uncover some of those deep rooted beliefs and get support when you need that extra guidance.

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