Hi! My name is Julie Scott, and I am a Certified Wellness Coach with the IAWP, where I was trained in holistic health and wellness and how to help people create lasting transformation. I focus on a holistic approach to living that addresses the whole person, mind, body and spirit. My goal is to help you to create a healthy, integrated lifestyle that you love to wake up to everyday!


Julie has been coaching me for 9 months.  I have had outstanding experiences throughout our sessions. I have learned more about myself in each session, helping me to cope with my depression. I have learned about the chakras and my personality type. She is always available when I need to contact her.  I am still healing and growing but it helps to feel welcomed and accepted no matter what the situation is. I appreciate the guidance I receive regarding family issues. -Kashmere Beatty-Roberts, College Student  

I first worked with Julie as my Case Manager at Taylor Wellness Center and she was fantastic, however she is an even greater Wellness Coach.  I started seeing her less than a year ago and she has totally transformed my life.  Julie teaches to emphasize who you are, how to take steps to heal your trauma and how to find happiness in every day life. She helped me re-frame negative thoughts and experiences, which gave me the tools to finally move forward. Just after a few sessions, Julie helped me to feel secure, safe and more confident in solving issues that held me back. Julie is a great resource that I highly recommend for anyone seeking help in wellness, guidance or anyone who wants to find self-love. I am excited for her coaching system that teaches women to unlock their inner diva! - Lauren Karasack, Undergrad Student Studying Law

I searched high and low and finally found a coach I felt comfortable with.  Julie created a warm environment for an open forum of discussion and helped me work through some of my recurring problems.  I developed communication skills that have helped my marriage, work and social life.  Julie will ask you to resolve simple exercises and send you supporting documentation towards issues you may be facing.  She has a constructive and documented approach to put a name on your issues and how to resolve them.  I felt very comfortable with Julie and I thought she was genuinely concerned.  Julie has helped me so much and I am grateful for all of her assistance and kindness.  -Shawna Seybold, Home Improvement Business Owner.

My time working with Julie on my personal challenges gave me incredible insight of myself.  Her techniques taught me to be a better communicator with my family and coworkers which then provided me a more peaceful lifestyle.  I would highly recommend Julie.  -Carin, Executive Director at a local business round table        

Julie Scott and I met during our IAWP Holistic Wellness Coaching certification program.  She was and still is my peer coach and genuine inspiration to keep going and follow my dreams!  Julie is genuine, kindhearted, patient, a compassionate listener, and an encouraging guide.  I highly recommend Julie as a wellness and holistic coach.  She is the real deal!  - Kelli Butler - IAWP Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Master Yoga Teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Vinyasa Flow



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