We are meant to fly!  Don’t you think?  Here is this great big world, and we can live in it fully and all of the time, or incrementally and part of the time. We are different for a reason; to bring our own light into the world, and to live the story that suits OUR soul. Your idea of flying may be different than my idea.  We are not meant to have the same ideas.  Tune in to yourself so you can live every bit of life you are given to maximum capacity!

Hi!  I’m Julie Scott and I am a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach.  Through my accredited education with the International Association of Wellness  Professionals, I’m trained in a unique health philosophy called Wellness 360™ that helps people to create health and balance in all areas of their life.

I use a proven coaching process called the CORE Coaching Method which supports my clients to not only reach their goals but create lasting changes.  

With this solid coaching foundation, I was inspired to create my signature system and business, Mastering Me Wellness, for women who people-please and look outward for guidance, to look inward , unlock their inner diva, and love themselves madly so they can live their lives gladly!  This program is a 4 step, 8 part program, guaranteed to bring out the fire that is ALREADY inside of you.  As your coach I will help you to bring out that fire.  The result is you living your best and most authentic life, on purpose!

In addition, I want to open up my coaching to others as well!  So I am offering another program full of the valuable, holistic wellness content that I was trained with, Wellness 360!  As a Wellness 360 Coach, I help my clients through 5 proven steps designed to help them create total mind-body wellness with tons of support and guidance on their journey. I help you create YOUR idea of healthy that YOU can live with and are proud of!

Learn more about my Wellness 360™  and Mastering Me Wellness Coaching Programs here.

Living a healthy life you love is right around the corner

    About Me:

– Certified Wellness Coach with the International Association of Wellness Professionals
– Wellness 360™ Coach

-Owner of Mastering Me Wellness Inc.