As your Wellness Coach, I want to support you with a program that is right for you.
Choose from the Mastering Me Intensive, custom-made for women who want to learn how to love themselves madly so they can live their lives gladly, or the Wellness 360 Intensive for a total mind/body/wellness makeover.

Mastering Me Wellness Intensive,
For Women

8 week, 8 session  Transformational Coaching for Women,  To Love Themselves Madly So They Can Live Their Lives Gladly


Ready to find and share your fire?

If so, the Mastering Me Wellness Intensive is a perfect way to begin knowing YOU, loving YOU and being YOU!

During this 16 week journey, I’ll work personally with you through the 4 steps (8 parts) of Mastering Me Wellness, customized for YOU!

Program includes:

-8 personal coaching sessions

-Unlimited email support over 16 weeks

-Shortened version to the Meyers Briggs Personality Type Indicator

-Chakra Tutorial about your body’s main energy centers

-Personal guidance through meditation,  journaling, practicing gratitude, intuitive eating and intuitive movement

– And more!

IAWP Wellness 360 Wheelv1

Wellness 360™ Intensive

12 week, 6 session  Transformational Coaching for Anyone!


Ready for a total mind-body-wellness makeover?

If you know you want personal support to reach your goals and you’re ready to take a deep dive, Wellness 360 Intensive is my flagship coaching program where you’ll receive ongoing, personal support over 3 months.  

Working together in Wellness 360 Intensive, you’ll experience the 5 steps of Wellness 360 in-depth with customized support and tons of personal access to me as you journey throughout your program.

Program includes:

– 6 personal coaching sessions

– Unlimited email support over 90 days

– Access to my resource library of handouts, tips and tools to support you with your unique challenges

The Wellness 360 Essentials Starter Kit

The Wellness 360 Healthy Eating Guide

– The Wellness 360 Body Blueprint

– The Wellness 360 Mindset Manual

– The Wellness 360 Lifestyle Blueprint

– Plus tons of Get Into Action exercises to keep you on track!

Taking care of yourself is self-less, not selfish.