Hi! I’m Allison, an International Association of Wellness Professionals certified holistic health coach and the founder of Alive + Well. I help people create sustainable change to their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, one realistic step at a time. This is accomplished through coaching sessions focused on education, goal setting, support, and accountability, as well as programs customized to your specific needs. My goal is to guide you in planting positive seeds of change today so you can cultivate a brighter, healthier, more hopeful tomorrow!



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What I Specialize In:
Nutrition for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Food as Medicine

Depending on how you use it, food can heal or harm you. Research has proven that eating nutrient-dense food devoid of synthetic ingredients can positively ...

Cultivating a Healthy Mindset + Heartset

The body follows signals from the heart, mind, and spirit. The popular adage “the body keeps the score” is another way of saying our thoughts, ...

Spirit + Soul Care

Burnout. Burning the candle at both ends. Constant multi-tasking, distractions vying for our time and attention, and hundreds of balls in the air. As a ...

I did a series of one-on-one coaching with Allison, and I felt very comfortable, encouraged, and at peace in her presence. She helped me identify one small goal to start adding in to my daily and weekly routines that felt manageable and also made me feel like I was actually moving forward toward change. Her encouraging emails (with helpful resources) and check-in texts in between sessions made me feel heard, seen, and cared for.

~Melissa S.

The weekly meal plans with accompanying grocery lists and a meal-prep checklist that Allison makes for us have been a God-send and have saved me hours of time and stress. It allows me to focus on my family, making sure we eat healthy, energizing, nourishing food to fuel our on-the-go lives!

~ Jackie P.

Allison gave a Lunch + Learn workshop at our corporate headquarters, and it was the perfect pick-me-up for all of us that day. I learned so many useful tips for de-stressing and eating for energy in just 40 minutes. It all feels very doable, and I can't wait to start my one-on-one coaching sessions with her!

~ Denise W.

I was in a group where Allison gave a workshop on 'Cultivating a Healthy Mindset.' She so beautifully melded her spiritual beliefs with scientific studies to show how important positive thinking and speaking are to our health and futures -- and how it's proven that we can retrain our brain with regular practice. I left feeling so encouraged and ready to try one of the many wonderful tools and suggestions she provided.

~Carrie K.


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