Cultivating a Healthy Mindset + Heartset

The body follows signals from the heart, mind, and spirit. The popular adage “the body keeps the score” is another way of saying our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, both positive and negative, show up in our physical, mental, and spiritual health. I like to think of the mind and the heart as gardens that need to be tended to with as much nurturing, care, and nutritional attention as our physical bodies. To ensure that the soil of our minds is fertile for healthy seeds to take root and for flowers of peace, love, hope, and beauty to bloom, we must give attention (water, oxygen, sunshine) to the good seeds, plant new healthy seeds for future fruitfulness, and pull the weeds regularly by starving destructive, damaging thoughts that are stifling growth.

Cultivating a healthy mindset is not just for natural-born optimists. There are scores of recent studies and scientific research that suggest regardless of our current or default mental state/thought patterns, our brains have the ability, or neuroplasticity in scientific terms, to be repaved or essentially “rewired.” With consistent practices like reframing negative thoughts, actively seeking things to be thankful for, and speaking out life-affirming, hopeful statements about ourselves and our circumstances, new neural structures/pathways can be formed. With regular practice, it’s possible!

I like to remind clients that mindset work is a daily, lifelong practice, as our thoughts, experiences, and health are constantly evolving. As your coach, and with your commitment to change, we can work together to help reset your thought patterns to a life-giving, hopeful, open-minded, encouraging framework.


One-on-one or small-group coaching (can be done in person or remote), goal setting, and encouraging accountability on any of the following topics (with accompanying resources, tools, and tips):

  1. The Mindset Makeover: Replace Limiting Beliefs + Cleaning Your Life Lens
  2. Boost Your Mood With a Gratitude Practice … Collect the Glimmers!
  3. Reject + Replace: The Practice of Retraining Your Brain for Positivity
  4. The Power of Your Words: Proclaim Truth, Hope, and Health Over Your Life
  5. Journaling as Self-Therapy: Process Emotions and Recognize Patterns
  6. How to Get More Vitamin J (Joy!) In Your Life
  7. Five Simple Ways to Reduce Stress
  8. Nutrition for Mental Health: The Mind + Microbiome Connection

We can work together to come up with a customized package/plan that allows you to pick exactly what you need from the above offerings. You can also pair it with any other Alive + Well Food as Medicine and/or Soul + Spirit Care services. Or opt for the all-in-one Alive + Well Whole Health Transformation (Nutrition, Mindset, Soul/Spirit Care) package. See full details here.