Food as Medicine

Depending on how you use it, food can heal or harm you. Research has proven that eating nutrient-dense food devoid of synthetic ingredients can positively affect all aspects of your well-being, improving not only your body-system functioning but also your energy levels, focus, mood, mental health, sleep quality, and more. Our bodies are miraculously designed machines with innate intelligence capable of healing and repair. When we take good care of them and fill them with the nourishment and beneficial resources God has blessed us with in nature, we can work toward improving whole-body well-being and increasing our healthspans.

Many ancient cultures relied solely on the earth for unadulterated food, medicine, personal care, and more, and long-lived cultures in the Blue Zones of the world show us how important natural eating and heathy lifestyles are to longevity. Unfortunately, with its many additives, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and origins in pesticide-laden soil, today’s Standard American Diet (SAD) does not always fortify our systems the way food was originally designed to. The good news is that when food is eaten closet to its natural state – non-processed whole foods, grown in pesticide-free soil, pasture-raised meat and poultry, no genetically modified ingredients or added hormones, antibiotics or chemicals, and in-season when possible – and we understand the benefits that living, clean foods offer, we can work toward reversing existing diet-related conditions such as inflammation, heart disease, malfunctioning microbiomes, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, digestive issues, autoimmune disease, mood/mental health issues, and more, as well as help to prevent disease from developing in the first place.

And here’s the best part: eating healthy and incorporating nature’s medicine into your daily diet does not have to be boring, unappetizing, or further burden your already busy life! The key is knowing the specific health benefits certain foods have, how to shop for the best quality ingredients, and finding ways to use those ingredients in recipes that you actually enjoy. This is where I come in! I have spent nearly two decades learning about nutrition and a decade collecting, curating, and editing recipes from various expert sources, as well as developing my own recipes and shortcuts in the kitchen to make healthy eating delicious and stress-free. In my Food as Medicine coaching, I couple my own experience with the education I’ve received in the Nutrition curriculum of my Wellness 360 training. This included a thorough study of ancient and contemporary diets; the power of macro and micronutrients, antioxidants, and phytonutrients; the most common food allergies; and most important, the concept of biochemical individuality: each person’s genes, metabolism, blood type, and digestive constitution is unique, therefore there is no one-size-fits-all approach to healthy eating and diet.

My goal as your coach is to help you cut through the clutter, streamline, and save time while learning how to actually enjoy and look forward to preparing and eating healthy meals, snacks, and beverages. By the time our sessions are over you will have a go-to list of healthies that you feel confident and comfortable creating. We start with adding in one small step and healthy food addition at a time, not attempting a complete overhaul overnight. This is not about deprivation, fad diets, or quick weight loss. Nutritious eating for health and longevity is a practice and habit that takes time to develop … and I want to set you up for success for the long haul!


One-on-one or small-group coaching (can be done in person or remote), goal setting, and encouraging accountability on any of the following topics (with accompanying education, resources, and individual recipes):

  1. Back to Basics: How to Eat Whole, Organic, and Seasonal for Optional Health
  2. Supercharge Your Energy + Mood With Superfoods
  3. How to Eat to Address Specific Ailments + Prevent Future Issues
  4. Label Reading 101: How to Recognize + Avoid the Top Health-Destroying Ingredients
  5. Eating for Energy + Athletic Performance
  6. Healthy on the Go: Nutritious Meal + Snack Ideas to Fuel a Busy Lifestyle
  7. Smoothies + Juices: Your Shortcut to a Nutritional Surge

Weekly customized meal plans for individuals or families with accompanying grocery lists and meal prep checklists. Can be tailored to specific eating preferences (such as low-carb, low-sugar, plant-centric, anti-inflammatory, high healthy fats, etc.), allergies, and food-type preferences. Also created in alignment with your time, prep, and budget goals.


  1. Guided Grocery Shopping + Label Reading 101 (in-person sessions in store, plus emailed PDFs)
  2. Pantry + Fridge Makeover (setting up/organizing your kitchen with the right equipment, fridge and pantry staples, and time-saving shortcuts)
  3. Cooking + Meal-Prepping Demos (if you are new to cooking or new to healthy eating)
  4. Healthy Eating Hacks: Balance is key, so if you’re having trouble letting go of a certain type of food that you know is wreaking havoc on your digestion or health (say, for instance, processed sugar), I have found and figured out several “healthy hacks” that gives you the texture, temperature, or consistency you crave in comfort foods but with less sugar, fat, and no harmful ingredients

We can work together to come up with a customized package/plan that allows you to pick exactly what you need from the above offerings. You can also pair it with any other Alive + Well Cultivating a Healthy Mindset and/or Soul + Spirit Care services. Or opt for the all-in-one Alive + Well Whole Health Transformation (Nutrition, Mindset, Soul/Spirit Care) package. See full details here.