Spirit + Soul Care

Burnout. Burning the candle at both ends. Constant multi-tasking, distractions vying for our time and attention, and hundreds of balls in the air. As a result, nutrition deficiencies, lack of energy and motivation, poor sleep, decreased sense of purpose, increased anxiety and depression … why is this the default state of so many Americans today?

The current society, economy, and technological climate we live is practically demanding that we operate like robots in order to keep up. But we are not machines. We are divinely designed beings with a spirit and soul that needs care, rest, and recharging. A sabbath. An exhale. The words “recovery,” “restoration,” and “rebuilding” are music to the ears for a reason – they represent calming of the nerves and mind, decreasing stress-related cortisol spikes that are damaging our immune systems and mental health, and providing a safe space to process difficult emotions, interactions, thoughts, or just a challenging day.

Soul + Spirit Care has always been a passion of mind, but especially recently, because I found myself at a difficult crossroads that I couldn’t pull myself up from in my own power. With a lot of prayer, declaring scriptures over my life, working hard to retrain my thought patterns and recognize the thinking traps, and healing and love in many forms sent from above surrounding me, I now know it’s possible to get to the other side. And I want to help others in any way I can.

In my Spirit + Soul Care offerings we can focus on the faith, prayer, and praise aspects of hope and healing, and/or the practical side, where simple tools and techniques for reducing stress and anxiety, taking time for things that uplift you and bring you joy, and basic self-care can help you once again enjoy your life and look forward to a brighter future.


One-on-one or small-group coaching (can be done in person or remote), goal setting, and encouraging accountability on any of the following topics (with accompanying resources, tools, and tips):

  1. Look Up! The Power of Prayer, Praise, and Believing in a Higher Power
  2. Cultivating a Healthy Heartset: The Healing Soil of Love, Hope, and Forgiveness
  3. Rest, Restore, + Renew: Simple Self-Care Tips + Spa Tools You Can Do at Home
  4. Permission to Slow Down: Solo-Tasking + De-Stressing Made Simple
  5. Connecting With Creation: The Restorative Effects of Nature
  6. Therapeutic Creativity: Go With the Flow Watercolor Wellness Workshops
  7. Aromatherapy 101: The Top Five Essential Oils for Health, and How to Use Them
  8. Giving Back: Volunteering, Charity, Serving Others

We can work together to come up with a customized package/plan that allows you to pick exactly what you need and are ready to commit to from the above offerings. You can also pair it with any other Alive + Well Food as Medicine and/or Cultivating a Healthy Mindset services. Or opt for the all-on-one Alive + Well Whole Health Transformation (Nutrition, Mindset, Soul/Spirit Care) package. See full details here.